Smart Contract Audit

• Provide suggestions to enhance smart contract audit security services and readability
• Identify design, logic, and access control flaws
• Determine the incompatibility between specification and implementation
• Examine loops for minor attacks on timestamp order and transaction order

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When and why to perform the smart contract audit security services?

Smart contract audit security services analysis of source code in the early development life cycle prevents risky vulnerabilities after release .

Reason 1
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Smart contract audit security services evaluation boosts investor confidence in ICOs by providing assurance, encouraging them to keep their funds safe.

Reason 2
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Blockchain projects need Smart contract audit security services because almost all crypto projects are publicly available. So, Flaws can be easily detected and used for malicious purposes.

Reason 3
web security solutions smart contract audit security services

    Here are 10 ways a cybercriminal may do damage to your company

    • Website Removal

      Website Removal
    • Lose Control of the Website

      Lose Control of the Website
    • Stealing Database

      Stealing Database
    • Redirecting Traffic

      Redirecting Traffic
    • Lowering Rank of Website

      Lowering Rank of Website
    • Hack Promotions

      Hack Promotions
    • To steal Credit Card Payment Information

      To steal Credit Card Payment Information
    • Encrypt Important files

      Encrypt Important files
    • Stealing Server

      Stealing Server
    • Stealing your Server for Large Mass Attacks

      Stealing your Server for Large Mass Attacks
    Cybercriminals may simply break into websites. They generally identify the website's flaw and shut it down. These hackers mostly target websites with weak security.
    Cybercriminals hack the admin panel and you lose control of the website. This is generally done for financial gains. They seize control of your website and demand payment to return it to you.
    Most cybercriminals hack into databases to block access to valuable data, selling of the database to its competitors or company, and send spam messages or emails to the customers on behalf of the company to gain financial gains.
    Cybercriminals hack into websites to redirect traffic to their competitor's websites or to place advertising banners to lure customers.
    Cybercriminals install malicious code on the website. When the code is detected, either Google blocks the website or lowers the website position in search results.
    Cybercriminals take advantage of online deals to acquire things for a penny or a cent.
    To achieve financial profit, cybercriminals break into websites and steal all online payments and associated information.
    Cybercriminals get access to a website and then use Cryptolockers to encrypt crucial files. In exchange for regaining access to the files, they demand a huge amount of money.
    They break into websites to steal servers, which they then use for hidden cryptocurrency mining
    Black hackers can steal your server and use it to store their “weapons”. They will put a sleeping malicious code on the server that will sleep until the server is sold.

    Work algorithm

    1. Consultation

    1. Consultation

    We receive a request and provide a free consultation



    We agree on a diagnostic and audit plan according to individual needs

    The contract

    The contract

    We sign a service and NDA contract



    Receiving payment and necessary access in accordance with the selected work format Black, White, GrayBox



    We carry out work within 4-5 business days



    We provide a detailed report and recommendations on securing the website


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    We highly recommend RockSec Groups. They have a team of experienced and highly qualified hackers.


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